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T21 aka Trisomie 21 is the Gothic Industrial New Age band (Herve & Philippe Lomprez) from France who were on Play It Again Sam Records. http://t21.cjb.net
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:: Wednesday, June 18, 2003 ::

The T21 Tribute Album?

Yes! It is called...

"Followers Of The Moonlight : A Tribute To T21"

(Trisomie 21 covers & remixes by the fans, for the fans)

"Followers Of The Moonlight : A Tribute To T21"

Inspired by a Severed Heads tribute LP called "I Can't Believe It's Not Lard" made by Sev Head fans, I want YOU to make cover versions of T21 songs.

The best ones will be put on a CD!

So... get to work!

All entries must be in Mp3 form AND on a CD.

NOTE: This is a non-profit compilation! We will NOT be selling this so do not expect to recieve any money!

Your reward is the eternal glory of being associated with an album inspired by beautiful music!

Email the MP3s to this email address: "tjones@knightsbridge.com"

:: Todd E. Jones - Music Journalist 8:18 AM [+] ::

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